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You’re making me cut again just stop ruining me

Person-“hey, how are you?”
Me-“I’m good!”
Inside- I am miserable. I am falling apart and I can’t even keep it together. I’m going crazy missing someone who doesn’t care. Fighting every urge in my body to not do something. I am useless it feels like I can’t talk to him look at him or hardly be around him. But it kills me everyday not talking to him or seeing him or being around him. I can literally feel my body ache to the core of my bones. He drives me crazy on purpose because he loves it, it’s his poison. I cannot stand not hearing or knowing just once a day that he is okay. I need him more than I know but in reality I don’t need him at all. He has literally ruined me I’m going crazy, out of my mind. I can not handle knowing that I have to let you go and I can’t fight because he won’t let me. He won’t care and it kills me to know that. I’m dying inside. So no I’m not fine, but who needs to know the truth anyways?

We as humans stop understanding why things happen at a young age. We stop understanding the context of ones actions because we learn so young that when someone does something to hurt us that it sucks. We start building walls so that people won’t know enough about you to hurt you. But when we become blinded by love or happiness those walls no longer protect like they should. We become defenseless, hopeless, insecure. We begin pondering again as to why someone did something. Life is a never ending repeated cycle. You fall you get back up again. You keep rolling with the punches and take whatever you get. But when do we learn enough is enough? Do we really ever? Do we honestly just ever fully give up? I don’t think so. We continue to please, let people in. Continue to be blinded by lies. We as humans are just weak.

“It’s 4am—
You’re sleeping.
I’m crying.”

6 word poem (via dramaticir0ny)


Peyto Lake | Carlos D. Ramirez


Name; Rachael,
but you can call me RaeRae.
Crazy, loud, and outgoing describe me.c:
Make me smile and ill love you for ever.<3

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